‘Sirens’ Review: Thrashing the Patriarchy with Lebanon’s All-Female Metal Band

It’s hard to imagine any metal band ever had as much to be angry about as Slave to Sirens, the unlikely subjects of Rita Baghdadi’s dynamic new documentary “Sirens.” Based in the outskirts of Beirut, it’s safe to say the five-woman thrash metal band is the first of its kind in Lebanon, let alone the Middle East.

Even if you’re not a huge metal fan, you can’t help but bop to the screeching vocals and thrumming guitar riffs, if not in pleasure then in amazement at the sheer moxie of these young radicals.

Moroccan-American director Baghdadi, who also lensed the film, centers character in her storytelling to craft an engrossing and humanizing narrative.

With the band’s headstrong co-founders leading their tale, “Sirens” is“Sirens” opens, naturally, with a head-banging metal show.

Donning black spiral eye make-up and shredding on their Flying V axes, Slave

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