Sleazy bosses, exploited barmaids: Us cinema finally discovers the left behinds

From The Assistant to Support the Girls, American cinema is swapping feelgood escapism for gritty unsettling realism.

We talk to the women spearheading this new wave‘I wanted it to be relatable to any woman who’s ever worked in an office,” says Kitty Green of her new film The Assistant.

“Everything in the film has been in the press already.

But I wanted to take viewers on an emotional journey, so they could empathise with the character.”The #MeToo saga has been examined to near exhaustion, but The Assistant manages to add something new.

Rather than perpetrators or victims, it focuses on a relative bystander: a young office worker at a New York film production company.

We follow this character, played by Julia Garner, through her demeaning routine: commuting in before daybreak, photocopying, printing, taking her male co-workers’ lunch orders, clearing up leftover pizza from the meeting room.Continue reading.

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