Slumberland’s Best Character Is a Stuffed Pig

Many of us have something like it: a stuffed animal or blanket from childhood that, for some reason, just stuck.

The stuffed animal went with you through so much that losing it would hurt or feel like you’re losing something valuable.

For some, it’s a vintage Simba puppet from the release of 1994’s The Lion King, and for others, it’s a blanket their Grandmother made them.

For Nemo, in Slumberland, it’s her stuffed pig, Pig.

Pig initially starts as a stuffed “lovey” she brings to bed, but as the adventures of Slumberland unfold, Pig becomes reminiscent of a beloved pet.

It’s unclear where Nemo (Marlow Barkley) got Pig, but one can only assume that it was a gift given or made by her father, Peter.

Pig has buttons for eyes and a little heart stitched into his back.

Throughout the movie, he hangs out in Nemo’s backpack or alongside Nemo’s heels.

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