Smile 2 – Release Date, Director, And More Info

2022’s “Smile” was a sleeper hit, but audiences weren’t sleeping well after watching that scary experience.The film follows Rose (Sosie Bacon), a therapist who witnesses hysterical patient Laura (Caitlin Stasey) kill herself while brandishing a sinister smile.

Soon, Rose sees other people wearing the grin and promising her she’ll die in a week.

Our heroine realizes that she’s the latest link in a chain of demonic serial killings; her curse is spread by trauma, and unless she wants to kill someone and traumatize an onlooker, she must confront her own past.”Smile” is an underdog success story worthy of Hollywood.

On a production budget of only $17 million, the movie grossed $217 million, becoming the biggest original horror movie of 2022 in a year filled with successes for the genre.

The film had originally been slated for a Paramount+ release but was moved to theaters after positive test screenings.With these results on the movie’s side,…

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