‘Snake Eyes’ Review: Henry Golding’s ‘G.I. Joe’ Origin Story Is Fun Enough to Survive Unforgivably Bad Fight Scenes

Japan: Where undead Hollywood franchises go to get a new lease on life.

It worked for “The Fast and the Furious” with “Tokyo Drift.” It worked for “X-Men” with “The Wolverine.” It even worked for “3 Ninjas” with “3 Ninjas: Kick Back,” at least so far as that movie paved the way for Hulk Hogan to star in “3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain” a few years later.

And now — to a surprising degree even despite that precedent — it works for “G.I.

Joe” with “Snake Eyes,” a back-to-basics origin story which that was right on the brink of being forgotten.Arriving in theaters more than eight years after the mild success of Jon M.

Chu’s “G.I.

Joe: Retaliation” and requiring exactly zero knowledge of either the previous movies or the Hasbro toys that inspired them, “Snake Eyes” is such a generic “cage-fighting orphan gets recruited into the Yakuza and

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