Snoop Dogg’s Oscar Picks: Why He’s Rooting for ‘Get Out’ and Host Jimmy Kimmel

Snoop Dogg will be pulling for Jordan Peele on Sunday night.

At the 90th Academy Awards, Peele and his film “Get Out” are up for three awards: Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.“I think ‘Get Out’ should win,” Snoop told IndieWire on Friday.

“That was a great movie.

The story.

The cinematography.

The way that the black man lived at the end, both of them!”Snoop has known Peele for a while — but mostly from the days when Peele’s “Key and Peele” partner Keegan-Michael Key would impersonate him on “Mad TV.”“I’m rooting for Jordan Peele and the whole cast of ‘Get Out,’” Snoop added.

“He got him some money now!”Read More:RuPaul’s Oscar Predictions: Michael Stuhlbarg Was Robbed and Timothée Chalamet Should Win for ‘Call Me by Your Name’Beyond “Get Out,” Snoop is most excited to watch his pal Jimmy Kimmel

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