Snow White’s kiss is far from the dodgiest Disney moment

From Peter Pan to The Aristocats, much of Disney’s back catalogue features potentially offensive stereotypesWhen is a kiss not just a kiss, but something more sinister? Most would agree that consent – and certainly the involvement of Donald Trump – should play a major role in such a discussion, but few of us would have spotted the scene in which Prince Charming wakes up the title character with a smooch in 1937’s Disney classic Snow White as a problematic moment, even in 2021.

After all, the concept of kissing as a way to break magical spells and curses has been a fairytale staple for centuries in stories such as The Frog Prince.Theme park reviewers Katie Dowd and Julie Tremaine of SFGate saw things differently.

In a review of Disneyland Anaheim’s recently revamped Snow White ride, which features a fresh denouement based on the “true love’s kiss” scene, they

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