‘Solo’ Writer Reveals Four Scenes Conceived by Phil Lord & Chris Miller That Made the Final Cut

Since “Solo: A Star Wars Story” hit theaters in May, fans have wondered how much of the creative input of ousted directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller made it into Ron Howard’s final cut.

According to co-writer Jon Kasdan, the answer is… quite a bit.To mark the film’s digital release, Kasdan posted a list of fun facts on Twitter about its development and production, noting four scenes that Lord & Miller — who left the project midway through production due to creative differences and were replaced with Howard — added to the project.Creative touches by the duo can be seen from the very beginning of the film, as they came up with the landspeeder chase through the Empire-dominated planet of Corellia.

Not only did Kasdan agree that opening the movie with the chase would give it an exciting start, but it would also demonstrate how skilled Han Solo was

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