‘Solos’ Review: One Is the Loneliest Number in Bland Sci-Fi Look at Trauma

Not sure if you knew this, but 2020 sucked.

Filled with loneliness, isolation, and a lot of time to think about our lives… sounds like the makings of a television series, right? Well, creator Charlie Weil ran with everything we felt as a country last year and turned it into “Solos,” a series of seven monologues with a sci-fi bent aimed at illustrating “that even during our most seemingly isolated moments, in the most disparate of circumstances, we are all connected through the human experience.”Fans who eagerly consumed Weil’s Nazi revenge series “Hunters” last year are in for a shock; in lieu of violence and vengeance, Weil substitutes a hefty dose of depression, drama, and trauma that, in a way, might make you feel numb the same way one did with “Hunters.” The tone is set the minute we meet Anne Hathaway’s LeahLeah spends a majority of

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