Sony Confirms Spider-Man’s Story Will Continue Without Marvel

The internet was torn asunder yesterday when it was revealed that negotiations between Sony and Marvel to continue their sharing of Spider-Man had broken down, meaning the wall-crawler will be leaving the MCU effective immediately.

Fans have gone into meltdown over the news, with many conflicting follow-up reports confusing things.

However, Sony has released an official statement on the matter now which confirms that the split is indeed happening.The studio’s statement promises that Spidey’s story will still continue on from where things were left off in Spider-Man: Far From Home though, even if Peter Parker can’t rub shoulders with the Avengers any longer.

The statement, which you can read in full here, cites that they’re “disappointed” that Kevin Feige will no longer spearhead the character’s movies but that they “respect Disney’s decision.”It’s the last line that’s the most intriguing, though,

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