Sony May Sell Masters of the Universe Movie to Netflix

Is the Masters of the Universe movie heading to Netflix? According to sources, talks are currently underway.

The movie currently has a theatrical releasee slated for March 2021, but it’s beginning to look like it might be skipping theaters and heading straight to the small screen.

The sources say Sony boss Tom Rothman is considering selling the expensive project to Netflix in order to minimize risk, which might be a wise decision.

With that being said, is Netflix going to want a movie which has been in development since 2007?Apparently, the dilemma for Sony and the Masters of the Universe movie revolves around the cost of making it.

Does Sony “seek a studio or financier to partner on the project, holding on to various rights and territories, or make the safe deal with Netflix?” A lot of major studios have been selling movies to the streaming platform over the years as

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