Sony Pictures Film Chief Tom Rothman Extends Contract

Sony Pictures Entertainment has extended Tom Rothman’s contract for an unspecified period of time and given the film chief a promotion.It’s a strong endorsement for the hard-charging executive, who took over Sony’s film business in 2015 during a tumultuous period for the studio.

When he assumed the role, Sony had just endured a devastating cyber hack that had laid bare its inner workings and jeopardized its relationships with key talent.

It also found itself punching up against rivals such as Warner Bros.

and Disney, which boasted more established franchises.At Sony, Rothman has had several notable successes, including luring Quentin Tarantino to direct “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” rebooting the Spider-Man franchise with Tom Holland and forging a deal with Marvel to produce the web-spinner films, and transforming “Jumanji,” a two-decade old Robin Williams movie, into a viable new film series starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.

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