‘Sopranos’ Monopoly Game Has Tony’s Duck, Melfi’s Chair, Bobby’s Toy Train, and More

The Sopranos” is getting the Monopoly treatment.

Op Games recently announced a new edition in the popular board game franchise, this time focusing on Tony Soprano and many fan-favorite little details from the hit HBO mafia saga.

The collectible tokens in this game include a baby duck (iconically lifted from the show’s first episode), the Stugots boat, Bobby Bacala’s toy train engine, Satriale’s pig, Dr.

Mefli’s chair, and even a Barone sanitation truck.The description promises you can “buy, sell, and trade popular locations like Tony Soprano’s house and Satriale’s Pork Store, before wheeling and dealing at the Bada Bing! Let tokens like The Stugots or Bobby Bacala’s toy train engine take you around the board and be the last boss standing!”All the game’s houses have been renamed “stashes,” while the hotels are now called “contraband,” and chance cards are called “Ay!

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