‘Sopranos’ Star Joe Pantoliano ‘Recuperating’ at Home After Being Hit by Car

Joe Pantoliano, best known for his role as mobster Ralph Cifaretto on “The Sopranos,” is recovering at his home after being struck by a car Friday.The actor was going for a walk around his neighborhood when two cars crashed into each other nearby him.

The T-bone collision sent one of the cars sliding down the road, where it struck Pantoliano and knocked him to the ground.

The impact gave him a cut on his head, which required stitches at a hospital, in addition to other injuries.Barry McPherson, Pantoliano’s agent, confirmed to Variety in a statement that the actor is recovering back at home.

His family and doctors are also keeping an eye out for any signs of a concussion or chest trauma from his accident.“He is home now recuperating.

He has stitches and is being monitored for a concussion and chest trauma.

He is resting and thankful for all the inquiries,

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