‘Soul,’ ‘Monster Hunter’ Set December Release Dates in China Cinemas

Pixar’s “Soul” and video game adaptation “Monster Hunter” are set to hit the big screen in China in December.The hotly anticipated “Soul” may have decided to skip cinemas in the Covid-19-ravaged U.S.

for Disney Plus, but it will screen in Chinese theaters from Christmas Day, Dec.


Disney currently has no plans to launch its streaming service in China, where such platforms are strictly policed by government authorities.Inventive, family-friendly Pixar offerings have seen strong box office numbers in China in the past, notably with “Coco,” which defied the ruling Communist Party’s unofficial censorship of content featuring ghosts to become the country’s 20th highest grossing foreign film of all time, with earnings of $189 million,.“Onward,” however, fell a bit flat when it screened in mid-August in newly reopened Chinese cinemas as they started to revive in the wake of Covid-19.

Caps on ticket sales and

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