‘Spawn’ Creator So Blown Away by ‘Uncut Gems’ Trailer He’s Courting Dp Darius Khondji

A24’s official trailer for “Uncut Gems” left a ton of moviegoers anticipating the Adam Sandler-starring crime thriller, but apparently no one was more dazzled by the footage than “Spawn” creator Todd McFarlane.

In a recent interview with Comic Book Movies, McFarlane says he was so blown away by the “Uncut Gems” trailer that he now knows what he wants his upcoming “Spawn” feature film adaptation to look like visually.“Here’s what gave me some solace the other day,” McFarlane said.

“I saw this movie trailer, it was called ‘Uncut Gems.’ It looks amazing.

I know what I want my movie to look like.

This movie looks like my movie, right?”Per Comic Book Movies: “McFarlane then went on to say he wants to get in contact with the director of photography [Darius Khondji] for ‘Uncut Gems’ in hopes of hiring him for the ‘Spawn’ movie.

‘I see

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