‘Spencer’ Costume Design: Capturing Princess Diana’s Dizzying Eclectic Range

Pablo Larraín’s surreal psychological drama “Spencer” unfolds over a few disquieting days during Christmas 1991, when an unhappy Princess Diana’s (Kristen Stewart) marital troubles with Prince Charles were just starting to surface.

That exact timeframe isn’t necessarily reflected on Jacqueline Durran’s diligent costumes — and that’s very much on purpose.“The brief Pablo gave me at the beginning was, we weren’t working in a specific date,” recalls the two-time Academy Award-winning costume designer in a conversation with IndieWire.

“Our period was roughly [from] 1988 to 1992.

So we created a wardrobe [without] replicating anything.

Because her costumes are [extensively] photographed, somebody somewhere would pinpoint the date quite easily if [we] were to replicate.

And whether that [matches] the date in the movie would [have become] a thing.”Instead of copying garments, Durran mixed different parts of Diana’s known outfits, ensuring that all of her costumes felt like clothing the princess might have worn.


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