‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Hits $60 Million in Korea, Heading Box Office for Sixth Consecutive Weekend

Spider-Man-No-Way-Home-2021-movie-posters/”>Spider-Man: No Way Home” was gifted a sixth successive victory at the South Korean box office in a weekend with no releases of commercially significant films.“Spider-Man” played out to a lowball $1.23 million haul between Friday and Sunday.

That was only 18% down on its previous weekend score and lifted its running total since release on Dec.

15, 2021, to $60.3 million.It also kept a substantial lead over its rivals, with a 28% market share, ahead of “Sing 2” in second place with a score of $863,000 and a market share of 20%.The aggregate nationwide box office for the weekend, however, fell deeper into the doldrums.

It slipped from $5.99 million to $4.34 million.Korean title “Special Delivery” earned $744,000 in third place, down from its $1.33 million opening a week earlier.

After two weekends, it has accumulated $3.20 million.Another Korean-made hopeful, “The Policeman’s Lineage” held on to fourth place with $492,000 in its third weekend.

Since releasing on Jan.

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