‘Spinster’ Review: Chelsea Peretti-Starring Anti-Romcom Overcomes a Disastrous First Act

For its first act, it appears as if Andrea Dorfman’s “Spinster” is really leaning into an anti-romcom ethos, offering up a standard “sad gal can’t find a mate!” plot with a big twist (what if said sad gal was kind of a jerk and perhaps not even deserving of love?).

Such is the prickly start of this Chelsea Peretti-starring comedy, which initially unspools as a non-romantic (and also not very funny) romantic comedy, beforeWritten by Jennifer Deyell (who previously penned Dorfman’s “Love That Boy” over a decade ago), “Spinster” opens in a familiar space, as 39-year-old Gaby (Peretti) is a perennial loser when it comes to love, and her inability to find a suitable mate has turned her sour on most aspects of her life.

It’s well-trod romcom territory, the sort of concept everything from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” to “The Apartment” has

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