‘Spirt Untamed’ Director Elaine Bogan on Directing Her First Feature Remotely

The new animated feature “Spirit Untamed,” in theaters June 4, celebrates the power and importance of friendships, but at its heart is a theme of fearlessness.Director Elaine Bogan makes her feature in the follow-up to the popular 2002 movie “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.” This time the focus is on a new character, 12-year old Lucky (voiced by Isabela Merced), a headstrong girl with a sense of adventure, who learns about her true self when she moves from the Eastern U.S.

to the Wild West during the frontier era.

Along the way, she forms an unlikely connection with Spirit, a wild mustang.She also collaborated with composer and songwriter Amie Doherty to create the film’s theme song, “Fearless” which runs through the movie, reflecting Lucky’s resilience.

Bogan discusses the film and how it came together in a pandemic.Where did the idea for “Spirit Untamed” stem from — it

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