‘Splash’ Goes Viral After 36 Years for Bizarre VFX Used to Hide Nudity on Disney+

Only in the age of streaming could Ron Howard’s 1984 fantasy romance “Splash” find itself going viral.

A rather bizarre edit of the movie on Disney+ is making the rounds on social media due to the fuzzy visual effects that have been added to the movie in order to hide the nudity on display.

It appears VFX was used to extend Daryl Hannah’s hair to cover her butt in the Disney+ version of “Splash.” Hannah’s hair now extends down to her thighs, but the visual comes off looking not too dissimilar from the digital fur in “Cats.” Another scene in the film, in which a side shot of Hannah’s butt appears, has been blurred entirely.

Disney+ does state at the beginning of its “Splash” stream that “this film has been modified from its original version.

It has been edited for content.” A video of the VFX edit

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