‘Star Trek’ Composer Michael Giacchino Heads Back Into Space for a Sci-Fi-Themed Solo Album

Composer Michael Giacchino has finally managed to realize a long-held dream: his first solo album, released Friday, which combines science-fiction storytelling with lounge music and an overall theme that is unexpectedly relevant to our times.It’s called simply “Travelogue, Volume 1,” and is credited to “Michael Giacchino and his Nouvelle Modernica Orchestra.” Mondo is releasing it on vinyl as well as to streaming platforms and digital retailers.The Oscar and Emmy winner has been working nonstop for years on films in the “Star Trek,” “Jurassic World,” “Planet of the Apes,” “Incredibles” and Marvel Universe franchises.

So when the pandemic hit, he decided to write something just for himself.“I love old radio dramas,” he tells Variety.

“I love the music of Arthur Lyman, Martin Denny and Les Baxter.

And I loved Captain Kirk’s ship logs from the original ‘Star Trek.’ I took those and just mashed them all together into a concept album.

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