‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Review: Will the Federation Sell Its Soul in Season 3’s Penultimate Episode?

This Trekkie has to say he’s pretty excited about where “Star Trek: Discovery” is going.

Because he has no idea where it’s going!Season 3, and the jump to the year 3188 with its attendant mystery of “What caused the Burn?,” hasn’t really turned out like we thought, huh? The obvious answer to the season-long mystery would have been some sinister power from “Trek” past, possibly setting up a Dominion War-like arc for the future.

Instead, the Burn was caused by a Kelpien man-child’s emotional distress and his unique ability to inflict his damage on the whole galaxy.

Hardly a villain.

Though it seems like they’ll have to “stop” Su’Kal somehow before he can trigger another Burn, won’t they?The only real villain we’re facing right now is Osyraa (Janet Kidder), the Orion pirate lord who captured Discovery at the end of the previous episode.

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