‘Star Trek: Picard’ Review: Episode 4 Proves Resistance to This Series Was Always Futile

Stand down from red alert!“Star Trek: Picard” seems to have course corrected from its lackluster first three episodes in the engaging adventure that is “Absolute Candor.” At last, this show is no longer just a talky chamber drama with characters doing little more than speaking to each other while sitting in chairs of various comfort levels.Intriguingly, each of the previous three episodes had multiple credited writers, while this one only had one: showrunner Michael Chabon.

It feels like a more coherent effort as well, suggesting that some editing might have been done to the previous episodes to make sure all the table-setting that was necessary for this plot to kick into gear had really been done.Also back behind the camera? Jonathan Frakes! Number One himself and beloved director of “Star Trek: First Contact” (and slightly less beloved director of “Star Trek: Insurrection.”)Actually, “Insurrection” is an underrated gem,

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