‘Star Trek: Picard’ Review: Our Ex-Locutus Returns to a Borg Cube and Plays the Hero This Time

It was a dark and stormy night.

At least in the strange dream that opened “The Impossible Box,” a dream Soji’s been experiencing for some time and may hold the key to where she really comes from.It was also a dark and stormy episode of “Star Trek: Picard.” “The Impossible Box” pushed the narrative forward considerably after the rip-roaring detour of Seven of Nine’s rampage the previous week.

But it did so not through explosive action but instead through thoughtful character turns: it feels like a lot more happened here than really did, and even those seismic events are moments we could have called well in advance — Soji realizing she’s a synth, Narek getting what he wants from her then, at last, casting her aside, Picard setting foot on a Borg cube once more.

But what’s striking is that even though we saw all these moments coming episodes ago,

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