‘Star Trek: Picard’ Review: Seven of Nine Goes Full Borg Queen

The primary takeaway of “Star Trek: Picard,” the thing we’re all talking about, is just how different this show is from previous incarnations of “Trek.” How dark it is.

How violent it is.

How the optimism seems gone.How much has changed.More from IndieWire’Picard’ Showrunner Michael Chabon Believes ‘Trek’ Should Not Repeat Itself but Understands Fan Angst’Star Trek: Picard’ Review: Riker and Troi Return for a Tng Reunion That’s Everything You Hoped ForFundamentally, the argument for it being such a different show is that our own world is so very different from when we last saw Jean-Luc Picard.

We can’t just imagine a better future in which want is eliminated, along with ignorance and prejudice.

We need to see, instead, how very difficult it is to maintain that progress after it’s been won.

The future is the Federation… if you can keep it.But how

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