Stephen Dorff Says Divinity Is a Daring, Experimental Film | Sundance

Once again employing the blended style of live-action and stop-motion he defines as “meta-scope,” writer-director Eddie Alcazar returned to Sundance Film Festival this year with the premiere of his sci-fi thriller, Divinity.

Starring Stephen Dorff, the black and white film is set in an uncanny world where humans have become hooked on a serum called Divinity, a creation set in motion by the ambitious scientist, Sterling Pierce (Scott Bakula), who devoted his life to unlocking the secrets of immortality.

Dorff, who plays Sterling’s son Jaxxon, has forged a career in Hollywood since the mid-80s, appearing in genres across the board, from blockbusters like 1998’s Blade (pre-mcu era), to the lesser-known gems like Entropy.

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