Stephen Graham: ‘The Irishman was my Champions League final’

The British actor reflects on a year in which he was ‘everywhere’, from gritty TV drama The Virtues to Martin Scorsese’s starry gangster epicMerseyside-born Stephen Graham, 46, discovered acting aged eight, before joining Liverpool’s Everyman youth theatre in his teens.

His breakthrough role was his Bafta-nominated performance as skinhead Combo in Shane Meadows’s This Is England.

His film credits include Snatch, Gangs of New York and the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

He also played Al Capone in HBO drama Boardwalk Empire.

This year, he’s starred in The Virtues, Line of Duty, Rocketman and The Irishman.

He now plays Jacob Marley in the BBC’s new adaptation of A Christmas Carol.Was A Christmas Carol a story that already meant something to you?I watched the film with my nanna when I was 10 – the black-and-white one with Alastair Sim as Scrooge – and remember thinking what a brilliant,

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