Steven Spielberg Doesn’t Need a Big Budget to Make an Impact

As impossible as it is to conceive, there was a time when Steven Spielberg wasn’t the most famous director in the world.

Before E.T.

and Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park and seemingly every other film that holds an integral place in popular culture had been released, Spielberg was just another wishful filmmaker in a sea of millions – young, ambitious, and with a passion for storytelling.

Unsurprising for someone who appears to have the language of filmmaking woven into their very DNA, Spielberg was already making home movies before he had even taken one step through the gates of high school, and it’s clear that these had a significant impact on his early feature-length productions.

Although it took until 1975’s Jaws for him to command a large enough budget to fully realize his visions, this doesn’t mean that his debut films lacked technical prowess.

If anything, they show it even more.

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