Stream of the Day: As ‘Scott Pilgrim’ Turns 10, the Time Is Ripe to Reconsider Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright’s movies go down easy, but the aftertaste always stings, and it’s often misinterpreted.

The British director has made only four features since “Shaun of the Dead” became a sensation in 2004, and each one unfolds with a delirious sense of comic timing, rapid-fire dialogue, and staccato editing that wraps each ludicrous twist in a snazzy bow.

But the sparkly experience of a Wright movie is frequently at odds with its dark circumstances, whether it’s the dissolution of arrested development in “Shaun of the Dead,” the corruption of small-town life in “Hot Fuzz,” the alcoholism at the center of the body snatchers plot in “The World’s End,” or the roots of criminal ambition in “Baby Driver.” Yet none of Wright’s movies attempts this tricky balance of ostentatious storytelling and big ideas with the same verve and ambition of “Scott Pilgrim Vs.

the World.”On the verge

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