Stream of the Day: Making Sense of David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’ Saga 30 Years After Its Premiere

With readers turning to their home viewing options more than ever, this daily feature provides one new movie each day worth checking out on a major streaming platform.In the pilot episode of David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”, the body of high school senior Laura Palmer washes up alongside a riverbank, prompting an FBI investigation into her murder.

The rest is history.

Or in David Lynch’s case, the rest is a never-ending cycle detailing the battle between good and evil as played out across multiple planes of existence.

Sound complicated? It is and it isn’t.More from IndieWire’Space Force’: Steve Carell’s Intergalactic Netflix Comedy Unveils Release Date, First Photos, and MoreVirtual Press Junkets Are Happening and Could Change the Way Films Are Promoted“Twin Peaks” fans have spent the last 30 years obsessing over Lynch’s narrative, which has played out across three chapters, all of which

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