Stream of the Day: Oliver Stone’s ‘Talk Radio’ Shows Impotent Rage Has Always Demanded an Outlet

With readers turning to their home viewing options more than ever, this daily feature provides one new movie each day worth checking out on a major streaming platform.Long before the immediacy of the internet and its attendant social media platforms, impotent rage and loose-lipped hatred had another home in America: talk radio.

While the form itself isn’t dead — look no further than the continued popularity of everyone from Howard Stern to Glenn Beck — the world has many other more enticing outlets for emotional release.

But the underlying desire for unfettered, rage-fueled outbursts remains, and Oliver Stone’s searing 1988 drama “Talk Radio” (sandwiched between his better-known hits “Wall Street” and “Born on the Fourth of July”) helps explain the market for unfiltered voices in whatever form they take.The movie stars Eric Bogosian, who adapted his own stage play of the same name alongside Stone — and that history comes

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