Streaming: Ali & Ava and other great films set in Yorkshire

From Billy Liar to My Summer of Love, the county’s moors and mill towns have been fertile ground for film-makers.

Clio Barnard’s Bradford romance is no exceptionClaire Rushbrook and Adeel Akhtar are the middle-aged lovers defying familial prejudice and cultural barriers in Ali & Ava (arriving on major VOD platforms on Monday), but that’s only one of the romances unfolding in British director Clio Barnard’s gentle, sentimental film.

More metaphorically, Ali & Ava extends Barnard’s ongoing devotion to the Yorkshire city of Bradford, not far from her own home town of Otley.It’s her third film set in the once-booming beneficiary of the Industrial Revolution, and while she doesn’t over-romanticise Bradford’s mixture of Victorian grandeur and contemporary poverty, a palpable affection for its physical and social geography softens the edges of its realism.

More so than in Barnard’s previous Bradford-set films,

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