Streaming: country house murder mysteries

The success of Knives Out offers a chance to settle back and revisit whodunnits imbued with the spirit of Agatha ChristieYou have to hand it to Rian Johnson.

To go from directing a Star Wars franchise entry to trying out a genre widely perceived as having had its heyday in the 1930s is the kind of risk more blockbuster directors should take.

Better yet, it paid off: with more than £260m in the bank, Knives Out proved that there’s life yet in the dusty old country-house mystery.

Naturally, a sequel has already been greenlit.The film, available on streaming and DVD this week, is lively, limber entertainment for a quarantined night in.

The spirit of Agatha Christie is strong in this jazzy old-school whodunnit revolving around a dead mystery writer, his bewildered Latina nurse and his money-grubbing family – all investigated by Daniel Craig’s peculiarly southern-fried gumshoe – though

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