Streaming: in praise of new documentary platform True Story

This new streaming service raises the bar with a cleverly curated roster of films that will take you round New York to Kabul via a Brussels hair salonEven with a larger captive home audience in times of coronavirus, launching a new independent streaming service is a challenge these days.

With the best of artistic intentions, trying to get a suitably large subscriber base to support your niche programming amid the spangly distractions of Netflix and the like isn’t easy.

Still, I recently encountered one that merits a second glance: True Story, a new-on-the-scene, UK-based global streaming service dedicated to documentaries.A handful of similar nonfiction-focused platforms have popped up over the years, sometimes stymied by a library of films too small to encourage a monthly subscription, however carefully curated.

True Story, smartly, offers punters both subscription and pay-per-view options: you can feast on their entire (and not insubstantial

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