Streaming: James Bond in No Time to Die and other great action antiheroes

As Daniel Craig’s final Bond film hits small screens, investigate cinema’s other brilliantly aloof spies and private eyes, from Sam Spade to Jason BourneDuring much of the pandemic, the repeatedly delayed release of the new James Bond film was held up as some kind of Covid-era holy grail: each time it got booted to the next season, it seemed a renewed marker of when things might be “normal” again.

The film’s eventual big-screen release two months ago was no cure-all; for anyone still wary of heading back to cinemas, the recent VOD release of No Time to Die is surely the more notable event.

Does this big, brash, handsome entry in British cinema’s most long-in-the-tooth franchise lose a little something on a TV screen? Perhaps.

Does it work grandly enough just the same? Certainly.The great appeal of the Bond films is that, give or

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