Streaming: the best films about dogs

Our canine companions have long been an inspiration to auteurs and sentimental film-makers alikeBritain, we’re told, has recently reached “peak dog”.

With many of us housebound in the past year, it has seemed the ideal time to adopt a dog – prompting a lot of “for life, not just for Covid” messaging from anxious animal shelters.

If you’ve felt the urge for some canine companionship but just don’t feel ready to commit, the movies have you covered — the vicarious subgenre of cinéma du chien is a rich and varied one.It also gets a fine new entry this week (streamable on Amazon) in Elizabeth Lo’s lovely dogumentary Stray, a moving but notably unsentimental study of Istanbul’s street dogs — a sort of bookend to the same city’s cat-centred travelogue Kedi some years ago, albeit from a different filmmaker.

Filming over the course of three years,

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