Streaming: the best Sidney Poitier films

An engaging new Apple TV+ documentary about the trailblazing actor is an ideal introduction to his work, from Blackboard Jungle to In the Heat of the NightSidney Poitier’s death in January was one of the year’s most disconcerting celebrity losses.

Living luminaries of classical Hollywood cinema are few and far between, and Poitier was the key bridging figure between that era and the industry’s more progressive present.

That sense of a severed connection to the past is driven home by Sidney (Apple TV+), a new documentary made with his participation shortly before his passing.

Directed by the veteran Black film-maker Reginald Hudlin, it’s a warm, generous portrait, if not an especially penetrating one, serving best as a primer for younger audiences on Poitier’s trailblazing status as a leading man in white-ruled Hollywood.Talking heads such as Oprah Winfrey attest to his famed dignity and

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