Streaming: the missing films of Roeg and Bertolucci

Tried and failed to explore the online back catalogues of the late Nicolas Roeg and Bernardo Bertolucci recently? You’re not alone…Just as the death of famous musicians tends to send their albums soaring back up the charts, you’d expect a spike in demand for the work of major film-makers when they pass on.

The recent one-two loss of Nicolas Roeg and Bernardo Bertolucci in the space of a weekend presumably sent many a cinephile scrambling to their streaming outlet of choice to pay couch-based tribute.They may have run into some difficulties, however.

As it turns out, even such legendary filmographies as Roeg’s and Bertolucci’s are scattered inconsistently across the streaming universe, with many of even their most high-profile works nowhere to be found.

Who would have thought, for example, that Bertolucci’s lavish Forbidden City spectacular The Last Emperor – winner of nine Oscars back

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