Streaming: To All the Boys: Ps I Still Love You – the longed-for sequel lands

Never mind the Oscars – the streaming event of the season is the follow-up to Netflix’s 2018 hit teen romcom To All the Boys I’ve Loved BeforeNetflix’s latest awards-film cycle finally wrapped up last week, having yielded an Oscar apiece for Marriage Story and the exceptional documentary American Factory, and a disappointing shutout for The Irishman, which will nonetheless live on in streaming eternity.

The next round will start up soon enough, as the glitzier big-name titles on its 2020 roster pop up at various festivals.

For now, however, a brief off-season ensues, as the streaming giant renews its focus on the cheaper, more televisually scaled films that the term “Netflix movie” initially connoted.Which is not to say they can’t be a big deal.

In streaming terms, the arrival of the somewhat awkwardly titled To All the Boys: Ps I Still Love You on the Netflix menu last week was a blockbuster-scale event.

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