Streaming: where to find the best film remakes

Cinema’s recycling trend continues with Disney’s imminent reprise of The Lion King.

But then some remakes are better than others…With next week’s mainstream cinema calendar largely cleared for the presumed box-office colossus that is the “live-action” The Lion King remake, film critics once more have an opportunity to grumble about Hollywood’s over-dependence on do-overs at the expense of original material.

It is, after all, Disney’s third remake of one of its own properties this year – following flashy but instantly disposable spins on Dumbo and Aladdin – and not the last, either.But as we tut and sigh, it’s worth remembering that the cinematic remake is not an inherently bad idea: many a great film-maker has revisited earlier work for inspiration, and the streaming realm is peppered with good examples.

Some are obvious – we needn’t trace the timeline of all A Star Is Born

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