Striking The Right Scare-To-Laugh Ratio Was Key To Making Tremors

In the words of Kevin Bacon, “Funny-scary is a very difficult thing.” The star of Ron Underwood’s horror-comedy “Tremors” has spoken at length about the 1990 creature feature and his role as stubborn handyman Val McKee who, alongside Fred Ward’s Earl Bassett, tries to escape the doldrums of Perfection, Nevada when giant prehistoric underground monsters interrupt their flight.In the documentary “Tremors: Making Perfection,” Bacon, Underwood, and the rest of the film’s cast and crew go long on its journey from page to screen.

It began as a simple concept from writers S.


Wilson and Brent Maddock, who were collecting footage for a Navy safety video when they thought about what it would be like if something had them marooned on a rock.

The story, then dubbed “Land Sharks,” would be retitled “Beneath Perfection” before finally landing on “Tremors.”It would feature a colorful cast of small-town characters,

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