Succession Finale Theory Suggests The Biggest Betrayal Was Hiding In Plain Sight

This article contains spoilers for the series finale of “Succession.”There have been lots of fan theories flying around about the series finale of “Succession,” but it looks like one of them might have been spot-on.

TikTok user NameBerry posted a short video breaking down the theory that the show’s ending has been in the cards all along, and it’s all hidden in the surname of one character: Tom Wambsgans (Matthew MacFayden).

In the TikTok, NameBerry explains the origin of the name Wambsgans, which has something to do with the belly of a goose, but then reveals that the show’s writers might have picked the name for another reason.

Tom shares a surname (with slightly different spelling) with a baseball player, Bill Wambsganss, who went by “Wamby.” Ol’ Wamby played for the Cleveland Indians in the 1920s and is remembered for one very special play he made during the 1920 World…

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