‘Succession’: For the Love of ‘L to the O-g,’ Stop Pretending the HBO Series Isn’t a Comedy – Opinion

Maybe it’s because of its Emmy categorization in drama, but recently, there’s been a lot of discussion about “Succession” as though it’s not intentionally funny; as though the idea that it could be looked at as a comedy — albeit, a dementedly dark comedy — is preposterous.

It tends to end up being compared to very clear-cut comedies, especially its cable network-mate, the terrific “The Righteous Gemstones,” in a way that describes those series as “the funny version of ‘Succession’”… as though “Succession” itself isn’t inherently the funny version of “Succession.”“Succession” has always been a dark comedy masquerading as a prestige drama.

HBO’s hourlong critical darling honestly has more in common with “Fleabag” or “Flowers” than it does “Ozark.” But that’s also because it’s specifically a dark British comedy conveniently masquerading as an American prestige drama.Succession is just Arrested Development minus jokes.

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