‘Succession’ Star Brian Cox Reflects on the Sins of Logan Roy

To speak with legendary Scottish actor Brian Cox is to understand that for all intents and purposes, he needs no writer.

And yet its that inherent understanding of craft and art that leaves the loquacious and insightful thespian so appreciative of the brilliant minds working behind the scenes of HBO’s Shakespearean satire “Succession.”When jumping on a call to speak to IndieWire about the show’s unimpeachable second season, Cox had nothing but praise for all of his collaborators on the series where he portrays Logan Roy, the patriarch of our favorite fucked-up family.And what a season it was for the character, who found himself pushed to the limit with threats of hostile takeovers, lingering health issues, and his perpetually disappointing brood, all of which served as particularly delicious grist for the mill of the Emmy-winning actor’s titanic performance.With production on the third season of “Succession

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