‘Succession’ Star Sarah Snook on Shiv’s Roller Coaster Season and the Cast’s Real-Life Relationship

On HBO’s “Succession,” Shiv Roy, as played by Sarah Snook, has experienced a bit of a roller coaster this season as she struggled to remain in her father’s inner circle.

While media baron Logan Roy has declared war on his son Kendall, who is also on the outs with his siblings, Shiv suddenly finds herself upstaged by younger brother Roman.But then came the season’s penultimate episode on Sunday, when Roman’s creepy obsession with company CEO Geri is made public — and suddenly Shiv has a new tool at her disposal to get back in.

In the episode, Shiv exchanges monumental moments with Geri, as well as her husband Tom — whom she doesn’t love but does love — and her absentee mother.

It’s quite an insight into who Shiv is and how she became the way she is.With the Season 3 finale of “Succession” airing this Sunday,

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