Succession’s Alan Ruck Auditioned For Connor Without Having Read A Single Script

With the HBO media empire tragicomedy “Succession,” the damaged and destructive adult children of billionaire mogul Logan Roy (Brian Cox) take center stage.

For every shareholder meeting or tense bit of boardroom drama, the show spends much more time digging into the cyclical journeys of self-discovery or delusion that the children undergo.

And none of them, not even megalomaniacal “#1 Boy” Kendall (Jeremy Strong), are as delusional as eldest son Connor (Alan Ruck).If Alan Ruck’s performance as Connor reflects anything, it’s that against all odds he will find a way to dominate a given episode or storyline.

For a character with a small role at the series’ outset, he’s become something of a fan favorite, whether it’s rightfully fighting for his share of the pie as “the eldest son” or his Leonard Cohen karaoke choice.

His romantic relationship and eventual marriage with former escort Willa (Justine Lupe) is as unsettling as it is surprisingly warm,…

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