‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Turns Steely Dan’s Bedraggled Ballad ‘Dirty Work’ Into a Web Hit, Five Decades Later

Although Donald Fagen and Walter Becker certainly did not write “Dirty Work” with the idea of it being about reluctant mercenaries — let alone costumed antiheroes and anthropomorphized sharks — the song’s theme of reluctant conscription somehow perfectly and comically fits the “Suicide Squad” concept.

That helps explain why the 49-year-old album track suddenly found itself as one of the most-searched songs of the day after the trailer for the franchise’s first sequel hit the web.The song appears at length throughout the trailer, with the original electric piano- and horn-driven version from Steely Dan’s 1972 debut album “Can’t Buy a Thrill” bookending the mayhem.

In the middle of the coming attraction, though, appears some freshly minted music more akin for a superhero or action movie… which quickly morphs into a “Dirty Work” on steroids, before things settle back down again at the end.Trailer sound designer and composer

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