Sundance Doc Breakout ‘Fire of Love’ Is Not Like Any Other True Romance

Last January, filmmaker Sara Dosa’s opening night documentary “Fire of Love” exploded out of Sundance.

When the filmmakers found out — just weeks before their world premiere — that the festival was going virtual, seller Submarine mounted live screenings for buyers, who were primed to bid when notices came in.

The film nabbed raves, Oscar talk, and the festival’s first big sale, to Oscar-friendly distributors NatGeo (“Free Solo”) and Neon (“Parasite”).

And at festival’s end, Dosa’s third non-fiction feature film collected the Sundance Jonathan Oppenheim Editing Award for U.S.

Documentary.“Fire of Love” isn’t like anything else.

This quirky collage of creative documentary, love story, and science non-fiction avoids many documentary conventions as it tracks two ruddy-cheeked French volcanologists, Katia and Maurice Krafft, who are in love not only with each other, but with their work chasing erupting volcanoes around the globe.

“We just made it

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