Sundance: How Zendaya, Halle Berry, Andra Day, Robin Wright, and Sia Broke Barriers

At Sundance’s third annual Women Breaking Barriers panel, singer-turned-actress Andra Day (“The United States vs.

Billie Holiday”), pop-star-turned-director Sia (“Music”), actress-turned-producer Zendaya (“Malcolm & Marie”), and two actress-directors who star in their own movies, Robin Wright (“Land”) and Halle Berry (“Bruised”), admitted that jumping those hurdles wasn’t always easy, even when making a transition from an already-established career.R&b performer Day, certainly, was not ready to leap into acting so soon, with a starring role in a major motion picture, playing her idol Billie Holiday.

“I was nervous, terrified, said ‘no’ multiple times,” she told the panel hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

“I didn’t want to dishonor her legacy.

I wanted it to be great if I was going to do it.

I didn’t want to retell ‘Lady Sings the Blues.’ Diana Ross gives an incredible performance.”But she met with director Lee Daniels

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